Privacy Policy and Terms of Service


How we collect your data

Sync collects your personal data which includes, but is not limited to your full name, ethnicity, date of birth, gender, location, interests, username, encrypted passwords and email address.


Location Data

Sync collects your location data to provide location related services in order to give a more specific and relatable user experience.  The location data is processed and stored as long as your account is active (not deleted).

This information is collected with your consent via app permissions.  This means at any point you can turn off these permissions by navigating to your phone’s app permissions and switching off location services.  At this point Sync will not update your current location until you enable the permission.


The two types of location data collected are from:

Any data shared with third parties will be provided anonymously.


Inappropriate behaviour and misuse

As mentioned in the Terms of Service all Sync users must behave in an appropriate manner and are responsible for their own actions while using the app.

Sync will assist with law enforcement if required to within or outside of your country of residence. This may include disclosing personal information such as registration information and pictures.  Sync has the right to terminate or report an account within our discretion in order to protect other users, fight against criminal activity or technical issues.  In some cases we may notify users of termination via email.  This is once again under our discretion.


Age restrictions

In order to use this app you must be at least 18 years old.  Failure to comply will result in termination of your account.  If someone report’s an age violation with substantial proof once again it is within our right if we wish to terminate your account with or without notice.  In these cases we may choose to retain personal information such as your email address in order to prevent you from registering again.  Sync is not responsible for anyone who violates the age restrictions but we have procedures put in place to validate ages during sign up.


Contacting Sync

You may contact Sync at


Future policy updates and amendments.

With time the Sync app will develop and progress, we may update the terms and conditions as well as the privacy policy.  In this case we shall either send an email to registered users or post a message update in the app.  By continuing to use the app means you accept the update.  Remember users can always check the latest terms and conditions at, in the app under settings > privacy policy. Users that do not agree with the privacy policy or terms and conditions can opt out by deleting their account.


This Privacy Policy was last updated on April 30th 2022.