Itinerary planning

Creating travel plans has never been this easy. Sync gives users the ability to create schedules, add locations and share real-time with friends.

All participants of a schedule can be given the permission to modify and build the perfect holiday together. This is not only for travel schedules but Sync can be used to create schedules for diet plans, wedding plans, gym workouts and more.


Control who can read and help you edit schedules


Find others who have been or want to go to your dream destinations


Easy to link your itineraries to your website or blog to allow others to view.


Attach files like leaflets, forms or extra details related to your schedules.


Find a travel buddy

Ever met amazing people on holiday but when it comes to going to a club, restaurant or activity you realise you both came to the same destination to do different things? Problem solved.

Find travel buddies based on your interests, age group, gender and more. With a granular search system you can find people wanting to go to worldwide events or countries where you can not find current friends who want to go.

Share schedules

Variety of ways to share schedules, whether its a trip or event you are hosting publicly or privately.

Each schedule will have an ID which can be shared, posted on social media such as instagram or your personal blog/website to allow others to find the schedule.

Add files and attachments such as flyers and extra pictures for people to view while viewing your schedule.

Sync will allow you to boost your online presence and help you promote your trips, events and schedules.


All users are notified in real-time when itineraries change


Build your own schedules from scratch or by copying from another


Integrated chat system to speak to users globally


Reach out to other users globally and find out about past or future travel plans

Recommended locations

Looking for things to do before a holiday has never been easy. Search by country or name of a location. Sync will show you a list of popular activities and sites to visit. These range from popular bars, restaurants, parks and sites. Once you find an activity or location you can easily add it to your schedule by selecting the day and time.

All users within the schedule group will be notified and can also view or modify the same schedule depending on their permissions.