Control who can read and help you edit schedules


Find others who have been or want to go to your events


Easy to link your itineraries to your website or blog to allow others to view or join


Attach files like leaflets, forms or extra details related to your schedules.


Find users with similar interests

Studies show that a large number of people travelling love bar crawls. Bar crawling is a great and inexpensive way to sample different bars all within one day!

Find users looking to have a good time, party and socialise.

Share schedules detailing the agenda for a given bar crawl and as an admin you can control who can view the schedule or not.

Share schedules

Each schedule will have an ID which can be shared, posted on social media such as instagram or your website to allow others to find the schedule.

Customise by adding meeting points, times, location images and descriptions such as how many free drinks on entry or even the type of music played.

View other participants joining you on the day and drop them a message.

If you lose your crawl guide at any point you can easily send them a message (or other users in your group) via Sync chat and find out where they are. With in built maps you can easily navigate to the next meeting point.

Add files and attachments such as flyers and extra pictures for people to view while viewing your schedule.


All users are notified in real-time when itineraries change


Build your own schedules from scratch or by copying from another


Integrated chat system to speak to users globally


Reach out to other users globally and find out about past or future travel plans