Control who can read and help you edit schedules


Find others who have been or want to go to your events


Easy to link your itineraries to your website or blog to allow others to view or join


Attach files like leaflets, forms or extra details related to your schedules.


Connect with others

Find existing friends or other users with similar interests whether it's an interest in weddings or perhaps you need inspiration for the big day and honeymoon.

Planning your day can be stressful so it helps to find others who are planning or have already planned their wedding day.

Connect and share ideas or wedding day schedules.

Remember, this app is an itinerary planner not just limited to your wedding day but an all purpose schedule planner.

Let everyone know the plan

The days of sending guests a paper agenda of the day's events are over!

Create schedules with timelines for the day explaining what each part of the day will detail.

Create a seperate schedule letting friends and vendors know what time they will be helping out.

Each schedule can have different users. Update different groups independently in case there is a delay, modification or even a cancellation.


All users are notified in real-time when itineraries change


Build your own schedules from scratch or by copying from another


Integrated chat system to speak to users globally


Reach out to other users globally and find out about past or future travel plans

Create the perfect honeymoon itinerary

Don't let the fun end with just the wedding day. Plan every moment of your honeymoon and start building the memories you will forever share!