Control who can read and help you edit schedules


Find others who have been or want to go to your events


Easy to link your itineraries to your website or blog to allow others to view or join


Attach files like leaflets, forms or extra details related to your schedules.


Find a gym buddy

Find gym buddies interested in training specific body parts, marathons or just general working out.

Having a workout buddy can help motivate you in going to the gym. It makes workouts less repetitive and so much more enjoyable. Having someone around to spot you, correct technique or even record your workouts for the perfect social media posting can make the difference in achieving your workout objectives.

Download the app and find someone to go through the journey with!

Create a fitness diary

Perfect for tracking your progress with before and after pics.

Add a schedule and upload pictures from the very first day until the final day.

Great way to Share your fitness journey on your blog or website by displaying the schedule code for others to view.

With each day you can add infromation describing what workouts you did, how you felt that day or meals consumed.

Send your gym routines and workouts

Proud of your gym gains? Have the perfect techniques and recipes for the an adonis physique? Share it with your friends, gym buddies or clients! It's that easy.

Create a schedule for each day and add as many users as you want. Choose who you want to share it with.


All users are notified in real-time when itineraries change


Build your own schedules from scratch or by copying from another


Integrated chat system to speak to users globally


Reach out to other users globally and find out about past or future travel plans

Personal training

As a personal trainer you can stay in sync with your clients via chat and update client schedules and lists real time.

Help your clients by sharing lists of healthy food, unique workouts, daily routines and more.

Share as much as you want or as little by restricting who can view your schedules.