New Orleans

If anyone's looking for history, culture, scenery and an eccentric nightlife look no further.  New Orleans Louisiana (NOLA) is thirving with artistic, creative energy from the minute you wake up to the busy bars playing live jazz renditions of your favourite hits from the past to present.



  • Day One
    • Walking tour.
    • Food at Neyows
    • Head to Frenchman quarters for drinks and live bands.
  • Day 2
    • Tour of plantations: Whitney Plantation and Oak Alley Plantation
    • Head to Bourbon street for crazy night outs (less jazz music more your modern day pop, rnb, hip hop, trap and rock music).
  • Day 3
    • Relax and walk around exploring the day/nightlife.

Walking tours of the Garden District and Cemetery

After, checking in to a Hostel for a night I met a fellow traveller who recommended going to a walking tour.  It's free and very educational.  They usually operate a few times in the day and all you have to do is sign up and make your way to the meeting point.  It's that easy.  There are many ways of joining a tour whether its via Viator, Expedia or Lastminute.  These are usually paid tous and can be private at times.  I chose to use "".  There are a range of tours for the garden district, voodoo tour, ghost tour, french quarters and more.  All guided and free.

Whitney Plantation

Whitney Plantation shows the gruesome conditions and living chambers of the slaves.  The tour explains how they divided by appointing ranks amongst the slaves and ridding them of their identities by separating children from their parents and more horrid actions.  Slaves were auctioned at different prices as the stone tablet above shows.  Slaves wouldn't live very long under these conditions and it was known that you were brought here to work and die in a few years.

Oak Alley Plantation

Eerie, long tree branches which have witnessed may slaves entering the Oak Alley plantation and all it's deep rooted history and dark secrets. This plantation gives you an insight of how the slave owners lived. The tour shows their dining room, bedrooms and how the rich lived amongst their slaves.  This house is iconic and can be seen in Beyonce's "DejaVu" music video as well as the hit movie starring Brad Pitt and Tom Cruz, "Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles".

Festivals worth visiting

  • Mardi Gras
  • Jazz Festival
  • Voodoo Festival
  • Essence
  • French Quarter

Where to stay in New Orleans

  • Safe and also convenient areas:
    • Central Business District
    • French Quarters
  • Hostels
    • HI New Orleans Hostel - This by far is one of the most convenient hostels.  Staff are friendly and its located in the Central Business District.  This is a minute's walk from many supermarkets, restaurants, bars and entertainment.  It's basically in a good spot without having to deal with heavy music at night from clubs.
    • Nola Jazz house - Hostel not far from the tram. Easy to get in and out of the city center within a 10-15mins.
    • India Creek
  • Hotels
    • Marriots
    • Omni Royal
    • Crown Plaza
    • Sheraton