For a very long time I've been wanting to tick the great and ancient Machu Piccu off my bucket list.  Afterall, it is one of the seven wonders of the world so who wouldn't?


  • Llima (4 days) Some of these trips are close to Ica however its only a few hours drive from Lima
    • Nazca Lines
    • Ballestas islands
    • Huacachina
  • Cusco (4 days)
    • Saqsaywaman (pronounced much like "sexy woman" or at least an ongoing joke by the tour guide)
    • Puka Pukara
    • Rainbow Mountain
    • Machu Piccu
  • Llima (4 days)

Maccu piccu and WaynaPiccu

So I decided to book entrance tickets to only Waynapiccu and Maccupiccu (not the 5 day hike).  To all those who love hiking and have the time by all means do it.  I got up bright and early in hope's of beating the crowd however I had no idea of how crazy the queue would be.  After waiting in queue for approximately 30-45 minutes I sat on the bus and we made our way to Maccu Piccu entrance.

Once you've made your way in to the Main entrance you must follow the signs to Wayna Piccu hike.  Note that Wayna piccu entrance is not a seperate entrance before Maccu Piccu but has its entrance inside the area.  There are signs and workers ready to assist you if lost.  Unlike the Rainbow Mountain hike, this was less about altitutde and more physical.  Make sure you get those squats in before your trip.  It's actually not a hard hike but can appear that way since everytime you thought you were close to the top, someone informs you you're only half way, then you come across endless, winding steep, uneven steps. 

The views from the top were amazing.  Sadly, there was lot of fog that day so I only got glimpses of the Machu Piccu from the mountain.  On the bright side there are many picture opportunities and a feeling of accomplishment waiting for you at the top.  Going down the mountain was a breeze.  Took half if not a third of the time it took to get up.


Huacachina, an oasis and a small yet vibrant village. There are may possible activities ranging from Dune bashing, sand skiing, sand boarding both lying down and standing and great hostels with very wild parties. Worth staying here at last one night to take in both the day and nightlife cultures.


  • Best view of Maccu piccu is from the mountain hike, Waynapiccu. Make sure to check the weather for clear skies otherwise all you will see is clouds.
  • Book Waynapiccu at least a month or two before you go since this can get sold out however you can always go Maccu Piccu last minute.
  • Bring a bottle of water, always stay hydrated.
  • When traveling to Ica beware of which coach company you ride with. Search the web for "Peru hijacks" to find the least hijacked coach company. I went with Peru hop since they require every passenger to provide ID/Passport to make sure none of the passengers are in corroboration with road thieves.