Singapore, "The Lion City", "City in the Garden" and also known to be the most expensive city in the world, is a place where I'd like to say all corners of Asia meet. Here you can find something from many different Asian cultures such as Little India, Chinatown and more. In Singapore it is clear you will find breath-taking architecture, scenery, clean streets and a buzzing nightlife.



  • Day One
    • Sentosa Island
      • Explore the beach
      • Head to Universal Studios
      • Amusement park activities
      • Ride the skyline luge down a race course
      • Get on the mega zipline or the bungee drop activities
  • Day Two
    • Raffle's Hotel for a famous Singapore Sling cocktail
    • A meal at the Michelin Star restaurant Hawker Chan
    • Garden By The Bay Light Show
  • Day Three
    • Buddha Tooth Relic Temple
    • Drinks at Marina Sands Bay
    • Night out in Bar Rouge (club on the 71st floor of Swissotel)
  • Day Four
    • Hike Fort Canning Park (Difficulty level: Easy)
    • Head to Shopping Center Plaza Singapura
    • Meal at Nanjing Impressions

Sentosa Island

Catch the metro all the way to the station "MRT: Harbour Front". You will then have to pay for a private train which will take you to the island and all it's stops. Sentosa is definitely a place for family vacation. The skyline luge is very similar to a race car or go-kart but manual. You'll ride and steer yourself down a steep hill with choices of track difficulties. Exploring Sentosa you'll find a beach, mega zip line, bungee jumps, surf simulations, bars, restaurants, amusement parks with fair prizes to win, universal studios and much more. The list goes on.

Garden By The Bay Light Show

This Garden is best viewed at night. The light show is the main attraction. Come early and find a spot on the ground or a bench (if you can find one). Don't be surprised to find people sitting or lying flat on the ground looking up at the beautiful tree structures.

The Singapore Sling Drink

The Singapore Sling cocktail is a gin based drink which was first invented in Singapore at the Raffle's Hotel Long bar. Make your way here and try out this drink if you haven't already with a side of complimentary peanuts. So as you can see from the pictures the nuts on the floor wasn't because a customer had a horrible accident but this is the theme and tradition at this bar. Customers will eat complimentary nuts and leave the shells on the table and floor.

Hawker Chan (The world's cheapest Michelin star restaurant)

Thihs restaurant has great food and is very famous for it too! Make sure to arrive before the midday rush hour otherwise you can find yourself in a line waiting 40-60 minutes.

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

You can find this temple in Chinatown. Walk around and absorb the wonderul, detailed decor and figures. On your way out don't forget to light an incence and make a wish, hopefully it'll come true!